What is tire recycling line? Jun 13, 2023
A tire recycling line is a manufacturing line that mechanically processes and recycles old and used tires into new materials such as rubber, steel, and other components. The recycling process often entails shredding the tires into smaller pieces, sorting the various components of the tire, and then refining them for reuse in various industrial uses such as the production of new tires, asphalt pavement, playground surfaces, and more. Tire recycling lines are important for reducing environmental pollution caused by tire waste and conserving natural resources used in tire production.

In general, the tire recycling line process consists of the following steps:

1:Tire shredding: The first step in the tire recycling process is to shred old and used tires into little bits with high-powered shredding equipment. These tire shredders are available in various sizes and types to meet the needs of the recycling industry.

2:Steel separation: After shredding, the tire steel wire is separated from the rubber particles using a magnetic separator. This steel is then sent to steel mills to be further processed.

3:Granulation: The rubber bits are further reduced in size via granulation using a plastic granulator machine. This procedure turns the rubber into a fine powder that is easy to handle and carry.

4:Separation and refining: The rubber powder is then separated from other materials such as cloth, plastic, and other components using a sieving machine, air classifier, or other comparable equipment.

5:Micronization: The rubber powder is micronized and processed into fine particles that can be utilized in a variety of applications, such as the production of new tires, construction materials, rubberized asphalt, and so on.

6:Quality control: The final step in the tire recycling process is quality control, which involves testing the produced material for uniformity, grade, and other standards.

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