How can tyre recycling reduce environmental degradation? May 30, 2024

Tire recycling plays a crucial role in reducing environmental degradation. Let’s explore some of the ways it benefits the environment:


Reducing Landfill Waste: Scrap tires are bulky and take up valuable space in landfills. Their hollow, rounded shape can trap gases like methane, causing them to “bubble up” through landfill liners. By recycling tires, we prevent this waste from accumulating in landfills and free up space for other materials1.


Resource Conservation: Tire recycling conserves valuable resources. Instead of creating new tires from raw materials, recycling allows us to reuse existing materials. This reduces the need for oil, energy, and forest resources used in tire production1.


Energy Savings: Although recycling tires can be challenging due to their durability, it ultimately saves energy. Repurposing scrap tires into products like rubber-modified asphalt, automotive components, and landscaping mulch reduces the energy required for manufacturing new materials1.


Preventing Air Pollution: When tires are burned or left to decompose, they release harmful pollutants into the air. Recycling tires minimizes air pollution by diverting them from incineration or landfills1.


Globally, around 1 billion used tires are generated annually, yet only about 100 million are recycled. There’s still considerable room for growth in the tire recycling industry, and efforts to find new uses for scrap tires are essential for a healthier environment1. So, let’s continue supporting sustainable practices like tire recycling!

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