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Lanrry Recycling is a reputable recycling equipment manufacturer. We will not only provide high-quality productions, but also excellent and dependable service to our customers.
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We are very proud of our product line, which has been designed to meet the highest standards of quality, durability and safety. And we can customize your machine to meet your specific waste requirements, allowing you to increase revenue from waste to value. We can provide the complete line for you, ensuring your project is carried out in a timely and cost-effective manner. It means we'll work with you from start to finish, providing everything from layout design, material selection and sourcing, installation and maintenance support.
    The Waste Film Recycling Line can deal with industrial films, agriculture films, garbage films, PP woven bags, ton bags, etc. Materials will be processed by pre-shredding,pre-washing, crushing, friction washing, rinsing, centrifuging, and drying. After plastic film granulator crushing and cleaning, the film can be directly granulated or packaged for sale. And during the processing, it will not emit waste gas, and the wastewater can be reused too. Working Process 1. First, materials are sent to the Granulator to be shredded into sizes smaller than 90mm(could be customized), allowing water to be contained during this process. 2. Then the shredded materials will be sent to the sink&floating Tank for washing the sediment off the surface.  3. Next the Friction Washer will rewash the material. 4. In order to make the materials cleaner, we will send the materials into the sink&floating tank for rinsing. 5. After rinsing, the materials will be sent to the Dewatering Machine for drying and the moisture content will be less than 5%. 6. The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable. Granualtor  shreds the materials into sizes smaller than 90mm(the size could be customized) sink&floating Tank can wash the sediment off surface.  Friction Washer is for  washing the material agian. Dewatering Machine is used to dry the materials. Applications PP/PE Film Agricultural Waste Film Greenhouse Film  Woven Bags Land-filled Waste Film
    The Waste Plastic Washing Line is capable of handling both WEEE and household plastic. Pre-shredding, pre-washing, crushing, friction washing, rinsing, centrifuging, and drying will process the material. Labels, dust, and other contamination will be removed, and you will get dry, clean, recyclable plastic. The entire system is simple to use, efficient, and has a low power consumption. Capacity ranges from 1 to 2 tons per hour. Working Process 1.Pre-crushing system will collect magnet metal out of large materials that have a little mount of metal. 2.It will crush the plastics into sizes smaller than 15mm, and it may contain water during the crushing process. 3.The sink material will be automatically collected, and the Trommel will send the floating material to the back. 4.The Friction Washer will remove the water and wash the material. 5.The Dewatering Machine will remove the water. 6.The Label Separator will collect fiber and light material. 7.The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable. Applications Hard Plastics of All Types Plastics from Car Recycling Waste from Electrical Devices (WEEE) Containers and Barrels
    The Waste Lithium-ion Battery Recycling System is designed to recycle waste lithium-ion batteries. The material will be processed by shredding, crushing, and separating, and the various components of the battery are sorted out into renewable materials. The whole system is easy to operate, efficient, and has low power consumption.  Applications Waste lithium-ion battery Soft pack battery Mobile phone battery Computer battery Power battery Lithium battery positive grade sheet Lithium battery negative grade sheet Lithium battery positive and negative grade sheet
    The Waste Tire Recycling Line can handle the used tires. It recycles rubber, steel wire, and fiber from tires using a room temperature treatment process. It consists of a tire crusher, steel wire separator, disc sorting system, rubber crusher, miller, fiber sorting system, magnetic separator, screening equipment, dust collection system, cooling system, and automatic control system. We can tailor the solution to your specific needs. Capacity ranges from 1-20ton/hr. Rubber products 8-200 mesh. Working Process 1. Evenly conveyed tires into the Double Shaft Shredder. 2. The shredder can handle tire shreds as small as 80mm. 3. Tyre shreds larger than 80mm are returned to the shredder via the Back Feeding System. 4. Tyre shreds smaller than 80mm will be sent to the Rasper, where they will be crushed into materials smaller than 18mm. They will be filtered, yielding a mixture of rubber chips and waste steel wire. 5. It will separate the steel wire from the mixture using a Magnet Separator. The rubber chips will be crushed by a rubber Granulator. 6. High-speed rotors crush the rubber chips into 1-6mm rubber granules. 7. Different sizes of rubber granules and rubber powder will be separated. 8. The Miller will grind rubber granules into 20-80 mesh rubber powder. 9. It includes a dust collection system for dust, powder, and waste fiber. 10. The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable. Tire shredder can shred scrap tires (small car tires, half wire tires, full wire tires, engineering tires,etc.)into 20-200mm rubber blocks, the size of rubber block can be adjusted to your requirements. There are two ways for feeding material--using conveyor or the grabbing  machine. The large volume tires can also be configured tire feeding pressure system to improve production efficiency. Tire Rasper is mainly used for scrap tire processing, the size of rubber block should be below 60mm. The rotor knives cut the rubber and steel wire away from the machine through medium speed rotation. Then we get the wire mixture of the rubber and waste steel below 12mm. With the subsequent processing process ,we can sort out rubber from waste steel wire. The rubber crusher can crush the rubber block into rubber particles below 6mm by rotating at high speed. Application Modified Asphalt Truck Tires Waterproof Materials Rubber Products Rubber Floor Tires Recycled Rubber Industry
    The hazardous waste is corrosive, toxic, flammable, reactive, and infectious. If we don't deal with it properly, it will severely pollute the environment. The Hazardous Waste Container System can handle a hazardous waste metal container; the material will be processed through shredding, magnetization, crushing, washing, and drying; hazardous residue and other contamination will be removed; and you will get dry, clean, renewable steel scraps. The entire system is simple to use, efficient, and has a low power consumption. Capacity ranges from 1 to 5 tons per hour. Working Process: 1.The Pre-crushing system will shred the plastic and hazardous metal containers and wash them. 2.The Crushing system will crush the plastics into sizes smaller than 15mm, and it may contain water during the crushing process. Water is used to clean the material and put out the fire. 3.The Agglomerator will combine metal pieces and remove impurities. 4.The Trommel washer will remove any remaining impurities and oil. 5.The high-speed dewatering machine will remove the water by centrifuging. 6.The Detection system is for detecting fire. It will flush water or extinguish the fire with Nitrogen if there is the fire. 7.The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable. Applications 200L oil drums Paint drums Chemical drums Ink drums Ton drums
    A PET bottle recycling line is a specialized facility designed to process and recycle water bottle,sprite bottle, cola bottle, juice bottle, pet sheet, PET packing container, PET strap,PET film and so on. This line turns dirty bales of PET bottles into clean PET flakes ready for usage in producing polyester staple fiber or further processing into plastic granules via pelletizing.  Working Process: 1:Move off the label through our label remover; 2:The hopper will collect the labels by the wind; 3:The bottle without labels will be sent to our granulator for shredding into flakes or small pieces. 4:Then these PET-crushed materials will go to the high-speed friction washer for washing. 5:There are two sink floating tanks to separate the sand or dirt, and the leftover plastic films from labels and PP/PE bottle caps will float on water too. 6:The dewatering machine uses centrifugal force to remove a portion of the water from the PET flakes and make the final moisture content less than 3%.
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Lanrry Jinan Recycling Co.,ltd(founded in 2017) was renamed Lanrry(Guangzhou) Recycling Co.,ltd after a complete restructuring in 2021. Lanrry is located in Guangzhou, Southern China, at the heart of the most developed industrial region in the Zhujiang Delta. This exceptional location provides an abundance of engineering talent and skilled labor on demand, allowing Lanrry to develop a diligent, experienced, and professional workforce and be a professional enterprise with R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. We make the products by combining foreign modern production technology with the conditions from home and aboard. We primarily manufacture single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, granulators, and other recycling-related machinery for processing plastics, tires, wood material, E-waste, Lithium-Ion batteries, and domestic appliances. In addition, we may provide our customers with helpful advise on how to establish, improve, or refine their existing processes. These plans are as following: 1.Waste Film Washing Line 2.Waste Plastic Washing Line 3.Waste Tire Recycling Line 4. Hazardous Waste Containers Recyling System 5. Waste Lithium-ion Battery Recycling System Our mission is to help people recycle more efficiently all over the world, and we’re committed to doing so by providing affordable, high-quality products that are simple to use and maintain. We know that high levels of accuracy and attention to detail are required for us to maintain a competitive advantage in the highly competitive and ever-changing recycling field. As a result, we have made significant investments in recent years in high-accuracy, large-capacity machinery, and fabrication equipment in order to guarantee the long life of machines. We are always coming up with new ways to make recycling easier for everyone! As a result, we can provide customized solutions based on your needs. Lanrry's specialized service staff is available to provide customers with full support services such as installation, commissioning, operator training, problem diagnostics, repairs, and routine maintenance. Our multilingual support team and network of partner organizations can handle questions from all over the world. It is preferable that equipment be installed by Lanrry personnel or authorized distributors and partner firms. This ensures that the equipment arrives on site in the approved condition and that it is properly set up and commissioned to fit the site requirements.


Latest News
  • Chinese New Year Holidays Notice
    Chinese New Year Holidays Notice
    Dear Customers, Please be informed that our company will be closed from 2nd, Feb to 16th, Feb for Chinese New Year holiday.  Normal business will resume on 17th,Feb. We're sorry for any inconvenience occurred, please do drop us an email at allen@lanrry-recycling.com. if you have urgent matters. We would like to express our heartiest thanks for your great support and cooperation.  Wishing you a prosperous year in 2024!
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  • The Plastic Film Washing Line and Tyre Recycling Plant are Ready!
    The Plastic Film Washing Line and Tyre Recycling Plant are Ready!
    Good News!!! Lanrry has finished the plastic film washing line and tyre recycling plant for the UK Customer. They are loading today and will ship to the UK soon. This plastic film washing line is a system used for cleaning and recycling plastic films, typically post-consumer or post-industrial waste films. The process involves several steps to remove contaminants and prepare the plastic films for further processing or reuse. The tyre recycling plant is a facility that processes used tires to recover valuable materials and reduce the environmental impact of tire disposal.
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  • Shredding Line for Waste Tires
    Shredding Line for Waste Tires
    In our pursuit of efficient recycling of waste tires and creating higher economic efficiency for our customers, Lanrry presents our robust shredding line for recycling butyl rubber from the inner tube. Innovatively designed to manage waste tires, especially the waste tire inner tube, our systems exhibit unfailing performance and durability. Lanrry's high torque Single Shaft shredder and conveyor belts with an emergency stop button and speed adjusting button deliver uniform particle size and comprehensive system automation to further smooth down the operation. Furthermore, we are aware that every operation has particular needs. We also provide specialized solutions that are catered to your company's requirements in order to ensure a streamlined, effective recycling process.
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