The Waste Film Recycling Line can deal with industrial films, agriculture films, garbage films, PP woven bags, ton bags, etc. Materials will be processed by pre-shredding,pre-washing, crushing, friction washing, rinsing, centrifuging, and drying. After plastic film granulator crushing and cleaning, the film can be directly granulated or packaged for sale. And during the processing, it will not emit waste gas, and the wastewater can be reused too.

Working Process
1. First, materials are sent to the Granulator to be shredded into sizes smaller than 90mm(could be customized), allowing water to be contained during this process.
2. Then the shredded materials will be sent to the sink&floating Tank for washing the sediment off the surface. 
3. Next the Friction Washer will rewash the material.
4. In order to make the materials cleaner, we will send the materials into the sink&floating tank for rinsing.
5. After rinsing, the materials will be sent to the Dewatering Machine for drying and the moisture content will be less than 5%.
6. The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable.

Granualtor  shreds the materials into sizes smaller than 90mm(the size could be customized)

sink&floating Tank can wash the sediment off surface. 

Friction Washer is for  washing the material agian.

Dewatering Machine is used to dry the materials.


PP/PE Film

Agricultural Waste Film

Greenhouse Film 

Woven Bags

Land-filled Waste Film

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