The Waste Tire Recycling Line can handle the used tires. It recycles rubber, steel wire, and fiber from tires using a room temperature treatment process.

It consists of a tire crusher, steel wire separator, disc sorting system, rubber crusher, miller, fiber sorting system, magnetic separator, screening equipment, dust collection system, cooling system, and automatic control system.
We can tailor the solution to your specific needs. Capacity ranges from 1-20ton/hr. Rubber products 8-200 mesh.

Working Process

1. Evenly conveyed tires into the Double Shaft Shredder.
2. The shredder can handle tire shreds as small as 80mm.
3. Tyre shreds larger than 80mm are returned to the shredder via the Back Feeding System.
4. Tyre shreds smaller than 80mm will be sent to the Rasper, where they will be crushed into materials smaller than 18mm. They will be filtered, yielding a mixture of rubber chips and waste steel wire.
5. It will separate the steel wire from the mixture using a Magnet Separator. The rubber chips will be crushed by a rubber Granulator.
6. High-speed rotors crush the rubber chips into 1-6mm rubber granules.
7. Different sizes of rubber granules and rubber powder will be separated.
8. The Miller will grind rubber granules into 20-80 mesh rubber powder.
9. It includes a dust collection system for dust, powder, and waste fiber.
10. The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable.

Tire shredder can shred scrap tires (small car tires, half wire tires, full wire tires, engineering tires,etc.)into 20-200mm rubber blocks, the size of rubber block can be adjusted to your requirements. There are two ways for feeding material--using conveyor or the grabbing  machine. The large volume tires can also be configured tire feeding pressure system to improve production efficiency.

Tire Rasper is mainly used for scrap tire processing, the size of rubber block should be below 60mm. The rotor knives cut the rubber and steel wire away from the machine through medium speed rotation. Then we get the wire mixture of the rubber and waste steel below 12mm. With the subsequent processing process ,we can sort out rubber from waste steel wire.

The rubber crusher can crush the rubber block into rubber particles below 6mm by rotating at high speed.

Modified Asphalt

Truck Tires

Waterproof Materials

Rubber Products

Rubber Floor Tires

Recycled Rubber Industry

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