What is plastic film recycling line? Jun 21, 2023

Our plastic film recycling machine is designed to process and recycle waste plastic films into dry and clean flakes that can be used to make new plastic products. Plastic films that can be recycled include supermarket bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and other plastic films commonly used in households, agriculture, and other industries.

Typically, the plastic film recycling process includes the following steps:

Shredding: The plastic films are shredded into tiny bits by our single-shaft shredder. This procedure aids in breaking down the plastic ingredients into smaller pieces.

Cleaning and washing: The shredded plastic films are then thoroughly cleaned and washed to remove any impurities. This is an important step in the recycling process because it guarantees that the recovered material is clean and devoid of foreign materials,our washing line machine is used for plastic film cleaning.

Drying: After washing the plastic sheets, the moisture is extracted using mechanical drying techniques--our centrifuge dewatering machine.

Extrusion: After the plastic film has dried, the extruder melts the plastic material and shapes it into little pellets. These pellets are then chilled and consolidated before being melted and shaped into various goods.

Overall, plastic film recycling lines are an important part of the greater endeavor to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and conserve natural resources by increasing the amount of material that may be reused.

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