What can we do with the waste tires? Mar 03, 2023

What are we going to do with the old tires?

What can we do with the increasing number of used tires? Here are some ideas for recycling old tires:

1. Make DIY handcrafts or construct them as protective walls, but this is not in high demand.

2. Create recycled rubber using tire recycling machines. The recycled rubber will be used for rubber runways or road paving.

3, Create rubber powder, which has numerous applications.

4. Make fuel oil.

Waste tires can be recycled in a variety of ways, but doing so properly is good for society.Lanrry specializes in the production of waste tire recycling plants that convert waste tires into fuel. Lanrry excels at producing waste tire recycling line plants that convert waste tires into fuel oil, rubber granules, and waste steel wire. If you know of any other good ways to recycle waste tires, please contact Lanrry, and you are welcome to come to our factory.

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