How to recycle waste plastics? Feb 23, 2023

First of all, we need to sort the waste plastics.

There is no contamination or aging in waste plastics from production and processing. These can be collected and treated individually. Agricultural PVC film, PE film, PVC cable sheathing material, and so on are all examples. The majority of waste plastics are mixed waste, containing a variety of contaminants, labels, and composite materials in addition to a complex range of waste plastic recycling line.

Next we need to shred and separate the waste plastics. Based on the nature of the waste, we select the appropriate crusher, and then crush and sort waste plastics by a variety of methods.

Ways to reuse the waste plastics:

1.Produce fuel oil. Waste plastics such as food bags, waste woven bags, beverage bottles, plastic shoe soles, wire and cable skins, foam lunch boxes, plastic toys, and so on can produce high quality 90# fuel oil, and 1 tonne of waste plastic can produce approximately half a tonne of oil.

2.Make water-resistant and anti-freeze glue. It can produce a variety of building decoration products from foamed plastic waste; each ton of waste can produce several tons of finished glue.

3.Manufacture aromatic compounds. 70% of the waste plastic can be converted into useful aromatic substances at 525℃, which can be used as raw materials for chemicals and pharmaceuticals or as fuelimp-rovers for gasoline, etc.

4.Produce multifunctional resin glues.

5.Each tonne of waste aluminum-plastic packaging can produce 0.85 tonnes of recycled plastic and 0.1 tonnes of aluminum.

6. Produce fire-resistant decorative panels.

7.Produce salable recycled pellets with special pelletizing equipment.

8.Produce products with extremely strong leak-proof properties for use on the exterior of houses.

9.Manufacture plastic woven bags.

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