The difference between plastic granulator and shredders Feb 20, 2023

The difference between plastic granulator and single shaft shredder:

1. Single shaft shredders have reduction gear, but plastic granulators do not.

2; Single-shaft shredders have a pusher box, whereas plastic shredders do not.

3; Single-shaft shredders have diamond-shaped blades, whereas plastic crushers have sharp, flat blades.

4; Single-shaft shredders shear materials using low-speed, high-torque knife rollers, whereas plastic crushers cut materials using high-speed knife roller operation.

The difference between plastic granulator and two shaft shredder:

1. The shaft shredder has two motors, two reducers, and two knife rolls, whereas the plastic crusher has only one motor, no reducer, and one knife roll.

2; The plastic crusher has a screen to ensure that the size of the material crushed by the plastic crusher is not greater than the aperture of the screen, whereas the twin-shaft shredder does not have a screen and cannot guarantee the size of the material shredded.

3; Twin-shaft shredder blades are nearly hexagonal in shape, whereas plastic shredder blades are flat.

4; The twin-shaft shredder shears the material with two reverse-running knife rollers, whereas the plastic crusher cuts it with a single high-speed knife roller.

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