Single Shaft Shredder or Two Shaft Shredder? Feb 10, 2023

What is the distinction between a single shaft and a two shaft shredder? Which is superior? Which model should I go with?These are the questions we are frequently asked by our customers. It all depends on your requirements.

They are classified as single shaft shredders or two shaft shredders based on their operation principle. The properties and fragility of the materials will determine how to choose a shredder.

Different Compositional Structures

Two shaft shredder is made of shredding blade set, load box, box support, feeding system, power system, and electrical control system.

Single shaft shredder is made of the spindle, blade, fixed blade, case, feeding system, pushing system, and power system.

Different types of Blade

The single shaft shredder has only one dynamic shaft on which the blades are mounted, forming a form of mutual shearing with the fixed knives on the box.

Two shaft shredders have two dynamic shafts that are both studded with blades and rotate opposite each other to perform similar operations on the material as a single shaft shredder.

A different principle of operation

Lanrry's two-shaft shredder is powered by "double motors + double planetary reducer," and it crushes the material by using the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating knives.

Lanrry's single-shaft shredder has a single-shaft "motor + reducer" drive, which provides high shear forces and high crushing efficiency. It is frequently used for fine crushing of solid waste, where the material can be processed to a small size all at once.

Different crushing materials

Double shaft shredder has high torque and high crushing efficiency, it is suitable for domestic waste, industrial waste, electronic waste, biomass, kitchen waste, medical waste, crushing wood, genus waste, and so on.

Single-shaft shredder is often used for waste fabric, leather trimmings, household waste, PE、PP plastic pipe plastic film, woven bags wire and cable, cans, aluminum chips, and other aluminum products.

The double shaft shredder has a wider range of applications. As a result, two shaft shredders are becoming more popular. In terms of particle size, a single shaft shredder can crush materials into smaller sizes, whereas a two shaft shredder can tailor the size of the product to the different materials and shredding requirements of the customer.

Lanrrymachinery suggests that our customers choose machines based on their material requirements. If you want to learn more, please contact usat any time or come to our factory directly.

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