The Waste Plastic Washing Line is capable of handling both WEEE and household plastic. Pre-shredding, pre-washing, crushing, friction washing, rinsing, centrifuging, and drying will process the material. Labels, dust, and other contamination will be removed, and you will get dry, clean, recyclable plastic. The entire system is simple to use, efficient, and has a low power consumption. Capacity ranges from 1 to 2 tons per hour.

Working Process
1.Pre-crushing system will collect magnet metal out of large materials that have a little mount of metal.
2.It will crush the plastics into sizes smaller than 15mm, and it may contain water during the crushing process.
3.The sink material will be automatically collected, and the Trommel will send the floating material to the back.
4.The Friction Washer will remove the water and wash the material.
5.The Dewatering Machine will remove the water.
6.The Label Separator will collect fiber and light material.
7.The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable.


Hard Plastics of All Types

Plastics from Car Recycling

Waste from Electrical Devices (WEEE)

Containers and Barrels

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