The hazardous waste is corrosive, toxic, flammable, reactive, and infectious. If we don't deal with it properly, it will severely pollute the environment.

The Hazardous Waste Container System can handle a hazardous waste metal container; the material will be processed through shredding, magnetization, crushing, washing, and drying; hazardous residue and other contamination will be removed; and you will get dry, clean, renewable steel scraps. The entire system is simple to use, efficient, and has a low power consumption. Capacity ranges from 1 to 5 tons per hour.

Working Process:

1.The Pre-crushing system will shred the plastic and hazardous metal containers and wash them.
2.The Crushing system will crush the plastics into sizes smaller than 15mm, and it may contain water during the crushing process. Water is used to clean the material and put out the fire.
3.The Agglomerator will combine metal pieces and remove impurities.
4.The Trommel washer will remove any remaining impurities and oil.
5.The high-speed dewatering machine will remove the water by centrifuging.
6.The Detection system is for detecting fire. It will flush water or extinguish the fire with Nitrogen if there is the fire.
7.The entire line is automated. It's secure, stable, and dependable.


200L oil drums

Paint drums

Chemical drums

Ink drums

Ton drums

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